“Seducing The Priest” is available on Kindle!

It’s here! I’m proud to introduce my first addition to the Kindle Erotica marketplace – Seducing The Priest, the first installment in the Man of the Cloth series! Seducing The Priest follows a divorcee named Erica as she falls for a sensitive young priest named Father Isaac. Keep reading for an exclusive blurb, and purchase the short for $2.99 on the Kindle Store – or free with Kindle Unlimited!


The mass ended with the distribution of Eucharist. I waited in line patiently, watching Father Isaac place the Eucharist wafers on every parishioner’s tongue. I was going to do it too – open my mouth for him, let his knuckles brush past my lips…

By the time I reached the altar, I was surely blushing. Despite that, I tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide for him. The most shameful part of me hoped he was imagining what he could do with my mouth. What far more interesting things he could put inside of it.

Slowly, he set the wafer on my tongue and pulled his fingers away. I shivered as one of them grazed the corner of my mouth, and I had to bite back a moan.

I closed my lips, letting the wafer crush and dissolve against the roof of my mouth. I’d taken Eucharist for nearly thirty years and it had never been erotic. Not like this. I wasn’t sure I could ever take it again without imagining Father Isaac’s finger slipping into my mouth, and sucking gently on the tip.

“Thank you, Father,” I whispered in the same volume as in the confessional.

I didn’t miss his eyebrows rising, or the slight part of his lips. He recognized my voice. He knew exactly who I was.

And he didn’t exactly seem unhappy about it.


Tracy Thornbird is a writer specializing in taboo erotic fiction. As her name may imply, she loves the forbidden romance of priests, but also has plenty of other taboo couplings up her sleeve. For more info on Tracy, visit www.tracythornbird.com or follow her on Twitter @tracythornbird.


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