My name is Tracy Thornbird, and I write short taboo erotica for the Kindle ebook store. I strive to publish an eBook every other Friday, so keep an eye out for my latest work!

A bit about me: I have been writing since I was a child, although I didn’t start writing erotica until I was a teenager. Fanfiction introduced me to how popular and fun writing erotica could be, especially with taboo pairings. After dabbling in that for a few years, I went on a writing hiatus during college. When I finally picked up writing again, I focused on original novels and short stories for traditional publication.

But now I’ve rediscovered erotica and am excited to bring my spicy stories directly from me to you! I strive for high quality writing and strong characters so that my fiction is worth your time and dollar. I have always been drawn to taboo subgenres, so I sincerely find my stories interesting and fun to write. I will never write something just because it’s popular – that would ruin all the joy of it!

Additionally, I am very transparent about the business side of self-publishing, and hope to inspire other authors who want to get their feet wet. Hopefully by checking out my blog, you can keep up with my latest releases, my upcoming books, and learn a thing or two about self-publishing and what inspires me. Cheers!

– Tracy Thornbird


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